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M. Neumann


One World Productions creates high quality live action & animation for television commercials, web content, music videos, documentaries and business films

Our work spans from a seamless replication of gritty reality, set building with great detail, shooting in home locations to an absolutely stunning look at beautiful destinations. We are also known for our gorgeous food and tabletop product shooting.


Often we are handed idea concepts from agencies. However, If desired, we can provide creative development of fresh ideas, storyboards through final presentation working with wildly creative folks.

The project can be handled all the way through edit/post production, music, voice over and final mix for on-air masters, placing across the web and even shipping to stations.


We have full finishing Final Cut, AVID, After Effects editorial and animation suites in-house at our large sunny loft in Chicago's north side.


We have shot all over the United States and the world, including South Africa, throughout Europe, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, The Caribbean, Bahamas,South America, Canada & many other countries, We pride ourselves in traveling easily and in a precise manner, of course we are always pleased to shoot at home in Chicago for a welcome change. We have a phenomenal catalogue of locations in the Chicago area as well as across the country.


Much of the equipment we use travels with us or is shipped ahead to locations where equipment is not readily available. This makes One World Productions complete whether your project takes you to an exotic location or a sleepy small town. Whether we are shooting a macro tabletop food shot or a large set-up with crowd control and special effects, we adhere to a level of perfection and beauty that keeps our film looking fresh and timeless.


We have a long list of celebrities that we have shot including Ziggy Marley, Ron Howard, Shawn Johnson, Arnold Palmer, Richard Petty, Metallica, Jesse James, Isaac Hayes, Steve Nash, Dolly Parton, Tom Landry, Wayne Huizenga, Dwight Stephenson, Mike Ditka, Chris Everett, Walter Payton, Dan Patrick, Bob Villa and many more.


Our goal is to deliver the exact images and tone the creatives dreamed of and more. Plus we like to hear "You really made it easy" and we often do.

Director/Cameraman: Michael Neumann

Associate Producer: Elaine Tunnat
Lifestyles, Real People, Comedy & Tabletop.

Their client list includes:
DDB-Chicago, DDB-London, Leo Burnett-Milan, Leo Burnett-Chicago, Saatchi & Saatchi-NY, RSCG Euro, JWT-SF, JWT-Chicago, A.Eicoff & Co., Allstate, BBDO-Chicago, Beiber/Silverstein-Miami, Cunard Cruiseline, Momentum-St.Louis , Busch Gardens, Disney Cruiseline, Draft Worldwide, Dupont, FCB-Chicago, Florida Keys Tourism, GGCY-SF, K-Mart, Marc USA, Motorola, Ogilvy & Mather-Chicago, Pepsi, Seabourn Cruiseline, Sears, Spike Lee, Target, Tinsley Advertising, Walmart and many more.

Both Michael's parents grew up in Prague, Czechoslovakia and moved to the United States three years prior to his birth. Michael's father, a classically trained art director and pianist, filled his childhood in Chicago with modern images, Czech puppetry, and a strict musical education.

By the age of eight, Michael was shooting and editing filmed narratives. He then attended various art schools, including the Art Institute of Chicago. The National High School Institute at Northwestern University is where Michael lived at age 15. He studied television and film prior to college.

He later returned to Northwestern University to get his Master's degree. Undergraduate Bachelor's were completed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. All degrees focused on Film Production for Television Application. Throughout his studies, Michael worked at NBC and CBS Television in Chicago.

Seven years at DMB&B producing for clients such as American Dairy Association, Crest Toothpaste, Budweiser and Amoco Oil helped Michael to fully understand the needs of agencies and their clients.

Michael Neumann's One World Productions has been thriving for over a decade. Now in a large sunny loft at 824 West Superior Street in Chicago, One World's facility includes an arsenal of equipment including the new Sony F55, ARRI Alexa, RED, Various 35mm & Super16mm cameras as well as full finishing AVID, HD Final Cut, Animation & After Effects suites.

One World Productions
824 W. Superior Street
Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60642

(312) 421-4800 (phone)

(312) 421-3800 (fax)

Elaine Tunnat - Associate Producer

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